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The Story

SaKO7 was birthed  from the minds eye of designer and creator , Sean Sakinofsky, a former ballet dancer who took to road cycling at a young age for its freedom and adventure as well as the creative depths he is able to access in its solitude.

So how did it all happen? "Well, one night, late… while pondering love, peace & all good happiness stuff, I was staring at my refurbished vintage bike, looking at the name SAKO7 on the down tube, which had been masterfully placed there by my mechanic/spray painter, Jared.

(The name SaKO7 comes from my nickname, ‘Sako’, and lucky number, 7).

On the top tube, there was a pair of my favourite high top socks, and then it all dawned on me, ‘SAKO7SOCKS’ and so it all began in a single moment.” - Sean Sakinofsky

It started with socks, and so one of his favourite slogans became the root of all creation: ‘The Socks Maketh the Kit’.